SSL Certificates from all leading Certificate Authorities

Trinito SSL Certificates

Every web site needs an SSL/TLS Security Certificate, to rank well on the search engines and to gain trust from site visitors.

The SSL Certificate encrypts the HTTP traffic to become HTTPS, and by adding a Trust Logo you can further enhance the user trust.

Trinito Secure Services provide SSL Certificates from all major Certificate Authorities. Our range of SSL Solutions starts with Positive SSL Certificates, the cost effective and professional alternative to Free SSL Certificates such as Let’s Encrypt, and extends though to Extended Validation Multi-Domain Solutions for large enterprises.

SSL Certificates

All SSL Certificates offer the same level of security, including the free ones. So why do you need to buy one? Short answer, Warranty and Trust….


All SSL Certificates encrypt the data between the site and it’s visitors, and they also verify ownership of the domain, free or paid for, they all do this.

But, when you pay for a certificate you also get a warranty.

If your certificate authority is hacked and your encrypted data is compromised you are covered by a substantial warranty. If your website is accepting personal data or monetary transactions it is essential that you have a warranty from the Certificate Authority to protect you from user claims resulting from mistakes made by your CA.


A paid certificate also includes the right to display the Certificate Trust Seal Logo, which shows your visitors you care about their data security.

Increased trust results in more time spent on your site, which means higher conversions and better SEO.

Domain Validation (DV)

Basic Certificate to prove domain ownership.

The professional alternative to Let's Encrypt.

Organizational Validation (OV)

The legal identity of the domain owner is verified.

For eCommerce, Business or Official Sites, that require an SEO boost from user trust.

Extended Validation (EV)

Maximum level of trust, involving further checks on the domain owner.

For domains the need to present themselves as extremely trustworthy.